Journal Articles

“State Congressional Delegations and the Distribution of Federal Funds” (w/ Christopher P. Donnelly) Political Research Quarterly, Forthcoming

What is Regular Order Worth? Partisan Lawmaking and Congressional Processes” (w/ Frances E. Lee) Journal of Politics, 2020

Knowledge, Expertise, and Committee Power in the Contemporary Congress” Legislative Studies Quarterly 44(2), 2019

Congressional Processes and Public Approval of New Laws” Political Research Quarterly 72(4), 2019

Non-Party Government: Bipartisan Lawmaking and Party Power in Congress” (w/ Frances E. Lee) Perspectives on Politics 17(1), 2019

Lawmaker Age, Issue Salience, and Senior Representation in Congress” (w/ Matthew Haydon) (supplemental appendixAmerican Politics Research 46(4), 2018

The Impact of District Magnitude on the Legislative Behavior of State Representatives” (w/ Paul S. Herrnson and Jeffrey A. Taylor) Political Research Quarterly 71(2), 2018

In-Depth Qualitative Research and the Study of American Political Institutions” PS: Political Science & Politics 50(1), 2017

The Impact of District Magnitude on Ballot Drop-off and Roll-off” (w/ Paul S. Herrnson and Jeffrey A. Taylor) Legislative Studies Quarterly 40(4), 2015

The Impact of District Magnitude on Campaign Fundraising” (w/ Paul S. Herrnson and Jeffrey A. Taylor) Legislative Studies Quarterly 38(4), 2013

Issue Voting and Partisan Defection in Congressional Elections” (w/ Paul S. Herrnson) Legislative Studies Quarterly 36(2), 2011

Book Chapters

“Capacity in a Centralized Congress” (w/ Frances E. Lee) in Congress Overwhelmed: The Decline of Congressional Capacity and the Prospects for Reform (University of Chicago Press), 2020

“Congress at Work: Legislative Capacity and Entrepreneurship in the Contemporary Congress” (w/ Frances E. Lee). In Can America Govern Itself? (Cambridge University Press), 2019

“Issue Voting in the 2006 Elections for the U.S. House of Representatives” (w/ Paul S. Herrnson) Congress Reconsidered 9th Edition, 2009

Working papers & projects

Minority Party Capacity in Congress” (w/ Andrew O. Ballard)

“Constrained Majority Party Agenda Control in the U.S. House of Representatives” (w/ Andrew O. Ballard)

“Personal Relationships and Legislative Negotiation in the U.S. Congress” (w/ Jason M. Roberts)